NYU BALSA is structured as an executive board with representation from various committees that are responsible for the programs and events of the organization. Members actively participate throughout the academic year to achieve the mission and goals of BALSA.


2017-2018 Executive Board

Chair | Ganiatu Afolabi
Vice-Chair | Tolu Lawal
Communications Director | Jack Mathews
Treasurer | Isa Herrera
Gala Co-Chair | Micah Desaire
Gala Co-Chair | Ellen Gong

  • Academic


    The Academic Committee seeks to ease the transition for 1Ls into the law school atmosphere while also providing academic support for 2Ls and 3Ls.

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  • Admissions


    The Admissions Committee is responsible for reaching out to prospective students and admitted students via letters, phone calls, and emails.

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  • Community Service

    Community Service

    The Community Service Committee organizes a number of long and short-term projects for members to participate in during the academic year.

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  • Political Action

    Political Action

    The political action committee strives to translate learning in the classroom into action.

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  • Professional


    The Professional Committee provides our members with access to employers and networking opportunities through our innovative mentorship program called ProTeams.

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  • Social


    The Social Committee aims to enhance this cohesiveness through events that bring the membership together outside of the classroom.

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  • Symposium


    The BALSA Symposium Committee is responsible for organizing BALSA's annual symposium, which is our hallmark scholarly event during the year.

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